Pranit Bauva | Founder & Investor

I am the founder of Nirah, a company that helps technology companies deliver and process real-time webhooks securely and reliably.

I help technology companies which utilize event-driven architectures so that engineering teams can focus on building their core competitive advantage and outsource webhooks parts to Nirah. The long-term mission for Nirah is to make server-to-server communications better and would approach that mission one product at a time.

Webhooks are HTTP requests sent by a server which needs to communicate about a state change for e.g GitHub needs to communicate to CI/CD servers if a new commit is pushed, or Stripe needs to communicate if any payment was made, etc. Webhooks make pooling redundant i.e. one server doesn't need to keep asking the other server if they have any information which is valuable for them, instead the flow would be that the other server will notify every server who is supposed to keep listening about information.

I have built the Reverse Penny Drop product for Setu which can fetch account number and IFSC by making a refundable Rs. 1 payment using UPI, helped it find product-market fit by talking to users to understand their workflows and pain points, and made it the highest margin product of Setu.

I have built the chatbot for handling customer support tickets to help Carousell transition from Zendesk and thus implement custom journeys as required by business and also enable significant cost savings. It has 50,000 daily users.

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What I am doing for Nirah?

I am responsible for:

  1. Talking to users
  2. Writing the software for the core system
  3. Sales
  4. Finding product/market fit
  5. Hiring

What I am doing as an investor?